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October 13, 2022

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How To Choose The Right Computer Chair For You

Have you been thinking about what goes into choosing the right computer chair? It comes down to more than just style and a quick comfort test. It’s all about finding a chair that gives you the proper support you need.

Our guide to choosing the best chair will walk you through everything from build quality to back support. Let’s jump right in!

Build Quality

Here’s where choosing the right computer chair for you starts.

We’ve all sat on some terrible computer chairs in our time. They’re plastic, flimsy, and most of their adjustable features seem to be broken right out of the box. You want to find a computer chair that’s going to be a cut above these qualities.

If the chair feels fragile or like it’s not going to be supporting your weight, then you’re better off moving on than settling for a chair that’s going to end up disappointing.

Adjustable Features

No guide to choosing the best chair for computers would be complete without talking about adjustable features.

The more adjustable features that are in your computer chair, the better it’s going to be. The one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work as well for computer chairs as it might seem. If you’re sitting in a chair for a 9 hour workday, the difference between a chair designed for someone with a height of 5 ft 10 in is going to feel a lot different on someone who’s 6 feet tall.

Adjustable features lets you dial in the specifics of a computer chair to fit your needs. Make sure to look for adjustable armrest, seat height, and adjustable lumbar support. There can be more adjustable features than these, but you should consider those three the bare minimum.

Lumbar Support

The lumbar is a part of the lower back that naturally curves inward when we have our best posture. The ideal computer chair is going to support that gentle curve of the lower back with lumbar support. You should find a chair that offers you lumbar support to encourage a healthy back.

Consider the Materials

This is where choosing the right computer chair gets a little more complicated.

It still might be made out of plastic, but it’s going to have a build quality that is sturdy with components that work reliably. Pay close attention to any year adjustable mechanisms like levers and the screws and bolts that keep the chair connected. If these are made out of metal, you are looking at a chair with a high level of build quality.

Don’t forget, the better the materials, the better the chair.

Supporting a Neutral Position

Have you ever sat in a computer chair that made you feel tired just sitting? That’s because it wasn’t supporting a neutral position.

The right chair for you was going to support a neutral position of the joints and tissues in the body. A neutral position allows you to stay at rest so you don’t have to be uncomfortably straining just to sit upright in your chair.

Seat Depth and Width

Here’s the most underrated advice for choosing the right computer chair.

Seat depth is one of the most important measurements in any chair. This refers to how far back the seat goes and how much general space it has for you while you’re sitting down.

You should be able to fit comfortably in your chair without feeling like you have to squeeze in and out. This not only supports a neutral sitting position, but it can also help with achieving ideal lumbar support.


Last but not least we can’t forget style.

The best features and lumbar support in the world won’t mean anything if you don’t want to be sitting in your chair. Make sure to pick a chair that fits your style and makes you happy to sit down and enjoy all the other features on this list.

Choosing the Right Computer Chair

Now that you know the steps in choosing the right computer chair for you, what are you going to pick? There are countless choices out there from high-end leather computer chairs to high-tech options with ergonomic designs.

Ultimately, the right computer chair is the one that supports your wellbeing and offers you a comfortable seat when you’re working on your computer.