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Computer Chair & Table For Sale Melbourne

SkyTeck offers a wide range of workstation furniture in Melbourne. We deal in a variety of Computer chairs and desks. Our furniture products have been designed and engineered to suit the requirements of your job.

Computer Chairs

SkyTeck Computer Chairs come is various sizes and shapes to accommodate different body types. We have computer chairs that have backs extending to the upper back for greater support. The high back design helps in relieving tension in the lower back which prevents long term strain. These chairs allow you to work comfortably for long durations.

We also have models that are suited for individuals who are into gaming and coding. These chairs have a broader seat and back width that supports more weight and gives you more space to sit comfortably.

SkyTeck also offers a range computer chairs that feature an ergonomically contoured back seat and arms that are comfortably padded. The contoured backrest dissipates pressure points for greater comfort while you work long hours.

We also have computer chairs that have breathable mesh material that allows air to circulate through your back to keep you cool while sitting down.

Our computer chairs have some great safety features. The tilt lock mechanism in our computer chairs prevents the chair from tipping back when you lean back into it. We also have models with flip-up arms that are great for users who like the option of an armless chair.

Computer Table

SkyTeck computer tables provide you with the perfect solution for a larger workspace.

We have computer table with slide-out keyboard platform, space saving mouse platform and accessory shelves; all equipped with safety stops. We also have computer table with multi storage options like drawers & cabinets. We also have models that have dedicated CPU compartments with an adjustable shelf. These compartments also provide additional storage space.

SkyTeck’s top of the line Computer Tables and its platforms have high weight capacity. We also have multifunctional computer table models. Our computer tables are available in various colours.

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