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Wall Mounted Storage Boxes

Wall Mounted Storage Boxes have become a necessity. Be it a home based garage or an industry standard workshop or a mobile business, wall mounted storage boxes are quickly turning into a must have gear for professionals. This highly functional storage system keeps your work area clutter free, while separating and storing parts and individual tools.

SkyTeck’s wall mounted storage boxes are an easy way to organise small accessories while having quick access to them. It provides the perfect place to easily stash and retrieve frequently used items while keeping the work area neat and organised. It is a simple solution to freeing-up valuable floor space in a garage, attic, basement, workshop or other areas of operation.

Our wall mounted storage boxes are made of heavy-duty material. They are corrosion resistant and have long lasting durability. It is a strong and sturdy system with a high storage capacity as it evenly distributes the weight of items.

The storage boxes that SkyTeck uses for its wall mounted storage can withstands extreme temperatures, high humidity and everyday wear and tear.

SkyTeck offers 20 & 28 piece Wall Mounted Storage boxes. The boxes are available in different colours that allow you to organise better.

Wall mounted storage boxes from SkyTeck are easy to assemble and install. You can also easily reposition the wall mount as your storage needs change. All you need to do is to attach the wall boards and then slot the accessories into the grooves.

You can visit our showroom in Melbourne or have a look at our products online. If you have any queries about SkyTeck products you have speak to our consultant.

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