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SkyTeck is your one stop online shop for all your Heavy Duty Storage and Shelving needs in Melbourne. SkyTeck Shelving system’s original designs suits both, your home and professional needs. Our products provide you with solutions for shelving, racking and storage in your garage, workshop or heavy industrial setup. Whether it is metal shelving, pallet racking, industrial or steel racking, SkyTeck has got it all. We have products that can handle weights ranging from 150kgs to 1600kgs.

SkyTeck Shelving Systems are original and have been designed to last and feature all safety mechanisms. Given their design, our products provide ample storage space to accommodate a variety of heavy duty items. The uprights, crossbeams, and support straps are all made from top of the line materials and are engineered to provide heavy duty storage.

SkyTeck Shelves and Racks are perfect for organizing your Industrial work space. We provide our customers with high quality, easy to assemble products with various dimensions as per their requirement. SkyTeck racks and shelves can be customised to fit any available space. Our units feature adjustable shelves to meet all of your storage needs. You can change the height and even the length of the racks and shelves with minimum effort.

Even when it comes to installation you are guaranteed to have a stress free experience. Most of items we sell are zero tool assembly products. This means that you will not require any specialised machinery to assemble and install our heavy duty storage and racking shelves.

Once they are assembled, each shelf or rack has a support system to prevent them from buckling under pressure. The locking grid clips on our products will help you secure the grids into place. Some of our models come with a wall mount bracket so you can secure your rack in place to prevent any accidental tipping.

Our products are also corrosion resistant. The heavy-duty steel construction on our products have a powder-coated finish with ensures long lasting durability. Our shelves and racks also come in various colours and shades.

For details regarding the designs, price, warranty and certification of our heavy duty storage racks and shelves you can visit us online or call our consultants in Melbourne.

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MDF Wall Mounted Shelf 122cm x 30cm

MDF Wall Mounted Shelf 122cm x 30cm


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