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Aluminium Toolboxes for Sale Melbourne

SkyTeck Aluminium Tool Boxes are ideal for storing and organising your tools. It is the perfect storage solution. The tool box provides storage space for your van, truck, trailer, garage and domestic use.

Aluminium Tool Boxes have become a must have storage unit for many professionals. One of main reasons is that Aluminium Tool Boxes ensure that you will never run out of space for all your equipment. These tool boxes are not just designed to save space, rather they provide extra room for storage.

SkyTeck Aluminium Tool Boxes not just provides space but it also offers protection for your tools and equipment. The fully-welded aluminum construction protects your items from inclement weather. The easy-to-use, fully welded latch works as a great anti theft mechanism. SkyTeck also offers aluminium tool boxes with built-in locks that ensure all items are kept safe and secure.

These tool boxes are easy to install. They are a no-drill mounting kit that can be attached to the truck or van easily. Some boxes have a fold down door which provides full access to all the equipment that you have in storage. We also have models that have sliding tray within the tool box which allows you to organize and easily access your small tools and hardware.

SkyTeck offers various styles and designs for aluminium tool boxes. You have the option of choosing between the under tray tool box that can be installed in a truck, a toolbox for van and a four piece tool box set for your home or garage storage needs. All these tool boxes are fitted with a stainless steel locks.

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