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October 13, 2022

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Metal shelving units are a great option for many businesses when it comes to improving the efficiency and functionality of their business. Metal shelving has been used to great effect by many of our customers on a regular basis – but how do you know if metal shelving units are the right option for you?

No two businesses are exactly the same – and yet all businesses require reliable and secure shelving! Any business that has products for sale, materials that need to be safely stored or significant numbers of stock on hand will benefit from a reliable shelving configuration – but why is metal shelving better than all the rest? Great question!

Here are just some of the benefits your business will receive by utilising metal shelving in your warehouse, shed or shared workspace.

1) Metal shelving is customisable

More than any other shelving type, metal and MDF shelving units have a high level of customisation and can be adjusted to suit any size job. No matter if you need dividers or all-out drawer inserts, metal shelving can be secured in virtually any direction to best suit your needs.

2) Versatile item storage

Metal shelving units are your best option for safely and securely storing all manner of items. Due to their durability, you can trust your metal shelving to take care of your delicate items just as much as your heavy and bulky items. So think about your current product listing, and consider: do you need items stored in a manner that will best protect them? If so, consider metal shelving.

3) Metal shelving units create space

In a warehouse or shed, having available space is crucial. Using floor space will quickly result in cluttering, which in turns makes it difficult to locate the items you need, and results in loss of productivity and efficiency. Installing metal shelving will free up floor space, and give you ease in labelling and locating your required products far quicker than just stacking things up on your available floor space.

4) Metal shelving is cost effective

Due to their hard wearing and durable nature, metal shelving units are very cost effective – other shelving types may require more maintenance or more regular replacement compare to metal shelving, which is equally durable in varying temperatures and environments. You don’t want to have to waste time in replacing or fixing your shelving – metal shelving units can be installed once and relied on to last the test of time, and wont break the bank at the time of installation either.

So have a think – is your current shelving configuration ideal for the needs and specifics of your business? What materials and storage requirements does your business have? Do you have a warehouse or shed that could benefit from installing durable and reliable metal shelving units? If you’re considering looking at your options and you’re looking for the best and most durable options there are, contact us at SkyTeck for all your metal shelving needs.