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October 13, 2022

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heavy duty shelves

Heavy duty industrial shelving units offer benefits in warehouse and retail settings because they can easily keep objects visible. They also work well for personal organisation.

What are the advantages of industrial shelving in warehouses?

Heavy duty industrial shelving provides organisation in warehouses. In shipping and receiving departments, for example, you can arrange items, so all barcodes and labels face outward. This improves productivity come time to fulfill orders like Amazon would if sending items to customers.

Warehouse industrial shelving also provides durability for heavy items. In fact, some shelves may hold hundreds of pounds or more. Therefore, you could store car engines, metal machine parts, concrete bricks or other weighty items on them. By the way, you can also store your tools and equipment and any extra supplies required to run them on your heavy duty shelves too.

What are the advantages of industrial shelving in retail settings?

You can store automotive parts, such as batteries or tires, fuel line parts, engine components, and accessories on industrial shelves. However, industrial shelving doesn’t just work for selling items in automobile centers.

You can improve the organisation of any items you want to have readily available regardless of your industry. In turn, your ability to complete customer orders in person in shorter times will improve no matter what it is.

For e-commerce, your industrial shelving could provide you the display space you need for taking item photos. This will especially come in handy when you want to provide people with a 3D or 4K immersive shopping experience. Your customers will feel as if they are right at your store even if they’re hundreds or even thousands of miles from you.

What are the advantages of industrial shelving at home?

With all the types of industrial shelving offered nowadays, you can optimise any space in your house. For instance, industrial shelves work well for organising your home office, or you can place them in a walk-in food pantry. Closet space also improves when adding heavy duty organisation shelves. The possibilities are endless, especially when considering all the types of frames and organisational units available.

Types of Heavy Duty Industrial Shelving Available

Mix and match them no matter where you use them at home or work. You shouldn’t have a problem finding the right ones for the space you have either. They come in various shapes and sizes and offer a mixture of features for the best arrangement of personal and business items.

Rectangular Shelves

Choose rectangular shelves with two or more rows. Some of them also allow you to adjust the shelf heights to accommodate both large and small items. Customisable shelving also enables you to set items either upright or sideways, depending on what would maximise the storage space you have.

Corner Shelving Units

Some types have three points for making most corner spots. These types may offer up to five tiers of space, including room on the top of the unit for organising all items.

Mountable Ledges

You can fasten brackets to a wall and add one or more shelves onto it. Use it for decorative purposes or for storage space – your choice. They work well for restaurant settings too, by the way. You can store dishes on them above the washing sinks. Any production or retail space with room for overhead storage would benefit from this type.

Drawer Units

The metal drawer units keep small hardware parts sorted for either business or personal use. They also provide space for hand tools and flat items. You can even use them for wardrobe, makeup or craft supplies at home, or place them in your garage.

Closed Cabinets

This can keep items organised and visible. However, it also protects them from water splashes or debris damage. Metal ones also withstand fire better than wood or plastic, or it’s an excellent place to store perishable items.

Combination Shelving

This would have a combination of industrial shelves and closed cabinet space or drawers. You might find square, corner or rectangular ones. They benefit all settings, including your warehouse, home office or retail space.

Browse available SkyTeck heavy duty industrial shelving solutions for warehouse, retail or home use.