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October 13, 2022

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You hear or read about van shelving, and you wonder how van shelving is beneficial. This article shall discuss how van shelving improves efficiency and things you should consider before van shelving.

Undeniably, a van is convenient if you operate a mobile office or workshop and need to move from site to site or work on-site or off-site. However, as you transit with your tools and equipment at the back of the van, they are thrown up and down. As a result, everything is jumbled up by the time you are at your destination, and worse, some tools and equipment may break. And you still wonder how van shelving improves efficiency? Well, it keeps your things safe.

Things to Consider Before Van Shelving

You can easily partition vans and separate the driver from the rear cabin. Then, you can custom-shelf it to suit your needs per your business. Whether you are a plumber, a real estate professional, an electrician, an architect, a construction professional, an artist, or even a band, shelving your van is a standard operating procedure.

When it comes to van shelving, there is no one-size fit all solution. Instead, you will need shelving solutions that work for your van type, budget, and business needs.

1. The Amount of Inventory You Plan to Have In Your Van

The approximate inventory you will have in your van most of the time is a factor to consider. The inventory might vary from business to business or industry to industry. Ensure you don’t make shelves too big for your inventory or too small to fit everything you need.

2. Items That Can Be In the Open vs. Those That Need Securing

You have tools that can easily be put on a shelf in the open, and it will be okay, but there are those tools and equipment that need to be enclosed. Bulky items can sit nicely on an open area, but small items must be enclosed. Think around these tools as you think about shelving your van.

3. The Dimensions of the Interior of Your Van

Knowing what space you are working with is necessary. For example, while envisioning your shelving, you might exaggerate or underestimate how much shelving you can do. But when you are working with precise measurements, it is easy to tell what works and what doesn’t so that even if you need to pivot or improvise, it is clear from the word go.

4. The Ideal Layout You Would Like

Design the layout of your shelves according to your workflow and the use of your tools and equipment. You will need to pay a good thought to this to accurately place the shelves and what they will hold for convenience and ease of operations.

5. Material to Use to Make the Shelves

There are three different materials you can use to shelf your van. You can either use wood, aluminum, or stainless steel. All these materials fit specific needs. For example, wood shelving works better in vans meant to live in. On the other hand, steel and aluminum come in handy for vans used for work purposes.

Both steel and aluminum are very strong, but aluminum is lighter than steel. On the other hand, if your van carries very heavy equipment, you might need to prefer steel to aluminum. Aluminum is also the best if you will be shelving DIY, or you will need to change the layout of your shelves constantly.

6. Ergonomics

One of the reasons you are shelving your van is to increase convenience and make it easier to work. However, some tools may be extra heavy to lift. When you have such tools that would require extra physical effort, you might need to consider a shelving design and layout that favors you and makes it easier to store and use such tools without breaking your back, literally.

7. Free Space

It is also crucial to consider how much free space you need to transport other materials required. If, at times, you will need to carry sheets or boards, leave enough room for them to fit. If you also need to work from within the van for whatever reason, you will need to make enough room for such times.

Experts Can Help

Now that you understand how van shelving is beneficial and how van shelving improves efficiency, call 1300822828 or visit SkyTeck for all your van shelving needs.