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October 13, 2022

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Where to Buy Outdoor Waterproof Sun Lounge Cushions in Australia

The best waterproof outdoor sun lounger cushions can be found at SkyTeck. SkyTeck has four convenient stores in Australia.

You can find them at the following brick and mortar locations:

  • 22 Panamax Road, Ravenhall, Melbourne 3023
  • 16 Verrell Street, Wetherill Park, Sydney 2164
  • 1/16 Lensworth Street, Coopers Plains, Brisbane, 4108
  • 21 Tennant Street, Welshpool, Perth 6106

You can also visit their website here or see their selection of sun lounge cushions here.

Now that you know where to buy outdoor waterproof sun lounge cushions in Australia, let’s dive into how to buy the right cushions for your space.

Buying Waterproof Outdoor Sun Lounger Cushions

What Size Cushions Do I Need?

You can find the correct size by measuring existing cushions, the empty space intended for the cushion, or by looking up your lounger’s information online or in the owner’s handbook.


To get seat width, measure between your longer’s two armrests.

To find the seat depth, measure from the front of the chair to the back of the chair.

Most seat cushions run between 18 and 24” deep and wide.

To find the backrest’s measurement, measure from the seat up to the top of the seat’s back. Keep in mind that this cushion usually sits on top of the actual seat cushion. So, if your seat cushion is 6 inches thick, you will need to subtract 6 inches from the backrest’s total length.

Choose a Fabric

Each type of fabric comes with a list of pros and cons. Here is a quick list of options you have to choose from:

  • Polyester covered with PVC. This material is long-lasting and stain-resistant, but the PVC coating makes it a bit crunchy and not very soft to sit on.
  • Vinyl. Vinyl is durable and stain-resistant. However, its color fades in the sunshine quickly and can also be uncomfortably hot to the touch in direct sunlight (so keep it in the shade).
  • Acrylic. Solution-dyed acrylic is tough, stain-resistant, and soft and comfortable. Its only drawback is its higher expense.
  • Cotton. Cotton is the most affordable option. Unfortunately, it is not water-resistant and is prone to sun-fading.

Pick a Cushion Foam

The cushion foam is just as important, if not more important, than the cushion’s exterior fabric.

The foam determines how comfortable your furniture is, how long the cushions stay full and fluffy, and how quickly it sheds water after the rain.

Thicker foam is more comfortable to sit or lounge on, but thinner foam dries out much quicker. Keep in mind that if a cushion retains water for too long, it will mold or mildew.

Your two foam choices will usually be dacron or reticulated foam with polyester fibers. Dacron is more likely to stay thick and fluffy for longer. It is more prone to molding. On the other hand, Reticulated foam is better at drying quickly, but the cushions are more likely to flatten after some wear.

Select Some Colors

Most people choose to replace their cushions for this sole reason– a change in the cushion is a fast and easy way to swap out the color scheme for your entire patio or poolside.

Here are some quick pieces of artistic advice for choosing the right colors for your space:

  • Draw inspiration from your surroundings. Suppose your patio furniture sits by your garden; note which colors are most prevalent in the garden and then play them up with your furniture if you have a pool, spring for tropical shades such as yellows, pinks, corals, teals, dark blues, and gold.
  • If you have white or wicker furniture, choose florals or deep and rich solid colors.
  • If you have children or pets who will also be enjoying your outdoor furniture, dark greys and browns hide dirt exceptionally well.
  • For a more serious, mature look, go with white, royal blue, black, or beige shades.
  • And, of course, you can always choose your favorite prints and colors to dress up your outdoor space.

Go Find The Perfect Cushions for Your Space

Now that you’ve read our complete guide to buying waterproof outdoor sun lounger cushions, and now you know where to buy outdoor waterproof sun lounge cushions in Australia (hint- it’s SkyTeck), there’s just one question left- which ones will you choose?