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October 13, 2022

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Van shelving

In this new world of being COVID safe, social distancing and increased focus on hygiene and safety, how can trades workers ensure that they implement adjustments for van shelving and van racking that will protect workers, clients and customers alike? What sort of things need to be considered for now and going forward?

COVID has changed the way that many of us work, for better or worse. For any professions that have regular contact with other people, it is essential to prepare for contact with other people whose hygiene we can not guarantee. For those who drive vans and work vehicles to different sites on a daily basis, this means making sure that you and your clients are as safe as possible – whilst still allowing you to get the job done right.

Here are some ideas for how to adjust your van racking and van shelving layouts in your work vehicle that will help you to do just that!

1) PPE and Sanitation for van racking

Re-arrange your van shelving layout so that you can include a designated PPE and Sanitation section that can be easily accessed by anyone who needs to use your work vehicle. Being able to easily locate items such as gloves, masks, hand sanitiser, etc will not only give you the best chance at maintaining your own health, but also that of any clients that you come into contact with. Labelling this space will help you to identify your PPE section of your van racking even easier, and will also allow you to keep an eye on the inventory of these supplies and when they start running low.

2) Re-organise and label your van shelving

We know that bacteria and viruses can survive on surfaces for a long period of time, which makes it essential for workers with a van shelving layout to properly catalogue and organise materials accordingly. If your work vehicle contains items that are regularly used by both yourself and co-workers, section off these ‘communal’ spaces so that utensils and materials that are yours won’t be easily jumbled together – this will also make sterilising shared tools much easier, as you’ll be easily able to find them in the one location, instead of being spread all throughout your current van racking setup.

3) Clean your van shelving – even if you don’t think you need to

Look for common touch points throughout your van racking layout in your work vehicle, and understand where they all are. Are there handles or grips that you regularly touch? Are there areas that you regularly come into skin contact with? If so, identifying these and cleaning them regularly will go a long way towards ensuring your personal safety, as bacteria and viruses are easily spread by touching commonly used surfaces such as these. It’s simple to do but will make a big difference!

Hopefully these simple tips will make a difference when it comes to keeping your current van shelving or van racking in your work vehicle safe and secure! For all of your van racking and van shelving needs, contact us at SkyTeck and talk to us about how we can best provide for your needs.

metal shelving

Looking at choosing new metal shelving for your commercial space? Does your warehouse need new metal shelving, or are you looking at kitting out your work vehicle with some brand new van shelving? If so, do you know what things to look for or tick off your list?

Not all shelving solutions were created equal: what works for you and your business may not be a good solution for the next business! When choosing your next commercial metal shelving solution, there are a few key items that should be on your checklist for you to tick off, so that you know you’re making the right choice for your metal shelving or van shelving unit.


Your metal shelving unit needs flexibility. Ask yourself: do you need to be able to remove or add new metal plates to create or take away shelving space? If so, then it’s important that this is an easy task. Any metal shelving or van shelving system you use should be flexible and easy to operate. Removable shelf plates increase food safety and reduce cross-contamination, and shared post designs can offer big savings – if you can attach 2 metal units using a common post, and with no loss of weight bearing capacity, then you’ll instantly have improved space utilisation.

Ease of assembly and to clean

If you’re looking at choosing new metal shelving or van shelving units, think about how exactly these will be installed – are you getting a professional, or will it be yourself? If it’s a professional, it’s important that your shelving units are easy to install, as a long job means more money spent on wages. If it’s a job you’ll be doing yourself, ensure that your new metal shelving unit can be installed in your warehouse or van with minimal fuss. Make sure you know what instructions you’ll need and tools you’ll require to finish the job just right.


If your metal shelving or van shelving unit will be exposed to the elements, swings in temperature, exposure to chemicals, dust, waste materials or anything else that may have an effect on the longevity of your unit, then its important to know if your new unit is rated to withstand these things prior to installation. Does your unit have a lifetime warranty against corrosion and rust? Will it be just as durable in wet areas as dry ones, or hot areas as in refrigerated ones? Ensuring your metal shelving or van shelving units are perfectly suited to the requirements you have in mind for them will pay dividends later on, and give you peace of mind.

These are just a few considerations to be mindful of when selecting your new van shelving or metal shelving units. There are many options available, which is great, but it’s important to make sure you’ve selected the right option the first time around. For all your van shelving or metal shelving solutions, contact us at SkyTeck today, and we’ll be happy to run through your options.

metal shelving unit

Metal shelving units are a great option for many businesses when it comes to improving the efficiency and functionality of their business. Metal shelving has been used to great effect by many of our customers on a regular basis – but how do you know if metal shelving units are the right option for you?

No two businesses are exactly the same – and yet all businesses require reliable and secure shelving! Any business that has products for sale, materials that need to be safely stored or significant numbers of stock on hand will benefit from a reliable shelving configuration – but why is metal shelving better than all the rest? Great question!

Here are just some of the benefits your business will receive by utilising metal shelving in your warehouse, shed or shared workspace.

1) Metal shelving is customisable

More than any other shelving type, metal and MDF shelving units have a high level of customisation and can be adjusted to suit any size job. No matter if you need dividers or all-out drawer inserts, metal shelving can be secured in virtually any direction to best suit your needs.

2) Versatile item storage

Metal shelving units are your best option for safely and securely storing all manner of items. Due to their durability, you can trust your metal shelving to take care of your delicate items just as much as your heavy and bulky items. So think about your current product listing, and consider: do you need items stored in a manner that will best protect them? If so, consider metal shelving.

3) Metal shelving units create space

In a warehouse or shed, having available space is crucial. Using floor space will quickly result in cluttering, which in turns makes it difficult to locate the items you need, and results in loss of productivity and efficiency. Installing metal shelving will free up floor space, and give you ease in labelling and locating your required products far quicker than just stacking things up on your available floor space.

4) Metal shelving is cost effective

Due to their hard wearing and durable nature, metal shelving units are very cost effective – other shelving types may require more maintenance or more regular replacement compare to metal shelving, which is equally durable in varying temperatures and environments. You don’t want to have to waste time in replacing or fixing your shelving – metal shelving units can be installed once and relied on to last the test of time, and wont break the bank at the time of installation either.

So have a think – is your current shelving configuration ideal for the needs and specifics of your business? What materials and storage requirements does your business have? Do you have a warehouse or shed that could benefit from installing durable and reliable metal shelving units? If you’re considering looking at your options and you’re looking for the best and most durable options there are, contact us at SkyTeck for all your metal shelving needs.

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