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October 13, 2022

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Selecting a metal shelving unit, and metal shelving for storage in particular provide some of the most popular options when it comes to your available options best suited for warehouses today.

There is a great variety of styles and sizes in metal storage shelves in Australia, meaning that those who have a warehouse or large storage space can apply each metal shelving unit to a great number of uses. No matter what kind of warehouse, distribution/packing centre, or retail outlet you maybe working in, metal shelving presents the most versatile options for these spaces, often going above and beyond other available types of industrial shelving often seen in bigger facilities. When it comes to metal shelving for storage, its important to be able to safely and securely store a wide variety of items and goods on a tough and sturdy metal shelving unit, instead of just storing bulky, high-priced items you often see being kept on heavy pallet racks.

But why metal shelving? What benefits and advantages does metal shelving for storage have over other options?

If you’re thinking about relying on a metal shelving unit to hold and protect your valuable goods and materials,here are four big benefits you should know about.

1: Product Visibility:

  • Unlike other storage solutions that may be taller, narrower or suffering from clutter, metal shelving allows you to store your business’ goods in a manner that assists your workers and pickers to find what they need far quicker, while minimising mistakes. Fortunately there are many metal storage shelves in Australia for businesses to select – picking the right one is essential.
  • Use a metal shelving unit to arrange your goods in an order that works best for the needs of your warehouse (by item size, material, type, etc)which will help your workers and pickers to find precisely what goods they need even faster than before.

2: Safely Store Your Delicate Items:

  • Our custom metal shelving makes for some of the most durable metal storage shelves in Australia you’re likely to find. This is due to each metal shelving unit providing significant resistance to corrosion and rust, and in turn minimising the damage to the metal shelving unit as well as any valuable goods that need to be stored upon them.
  • A common usage for our metal shelving is to store the more fragile goods (such as electronics, smaller parts, or those more-expensive consumer goods) that wouldn’t be suited to being stored in the usual storage bins or by just simply sitting on the warehouse floor.

3: Durability:

  • Warehouses are often very active areas, and it is not uncommon for businesses to suffer a level of breakage in-house. Most warehouse shelves will be subject to a lot of wear and tear that arises from issues such as fork lift collisions, mis-handling from staff, or accidental damage suffered during transport. Relying on metal shelving for storage will give you more peace of mind, as they are designed to withstand this sort of abuse.
  • More durability = less cost! Without always being required to repair or replace your metal shelving unit (which can be more of an issue with other shelving types), your business will save money in the long run.
  • As is necessary for living in a hot country, metal storage shelves in Australia require significant resistance to high (or low) temperatures.Metal shelving can withstand far greater swings and variations in temperature,which means they are ideal when it comes to storing goods in less-than-ideal storage conditions. If your business also manufactures goods (an activity that will result in greater fluctuation in temperature), a metal shelving unit will generally be able to with stand higher temperatures than other shelving options.
  • Metal shelving for storage also makes for an excellent option in any areas that are often exposed to the elements, such as close to loading docks or refrigeration units.

4: Customization:

  • One of the biggest and most important advantages of using metal shelving is how easily customisable each metal shelving unit is when it comes to your needs and requirements. Most metal storage shelves in Australia will of ten allow for expansion to suit your needs – this might mean extra shelves,or bolting to additional units to assist with increasing your available storage capacity, or even resulting in you freeing up additional space on your ware house floor.
  • Versatility is essential – having several options available for you to choose from when selecting a metal and MDF shelving unit will help your business to adjust to demands and requirements as they change over time.

If you think metal shelving can benefit you in your warehouse, get in touch with us today and we can help you to find ways to maximise your storage potential and minimise your costs. We pride ourselves on offering some of the best metal storage shelves in Australia – right here at SkyTeck.

metal shelving

Looking at choosing new metal shelving for your commercial space? Does your warehouse need new metal shelving, or are you looking at kitting out your work vehicle with some brand new van shelving? If so, do you know what things to look for or tick off your list?

Not all shelving solutions were created equal: what works for you and your business may not be a good solution for the next business! When choosing your next commercial metal shelving solution, there are a few key items that should be on your checklist for you to tick off, so that you know you’re making the right choice for your metal shelving or van shelving unit.


Your metal shelving unit needs flexibility. Ask yourself: do you need to be able to remove or add new metal plates to create or take away shelving space? If so, then it’s important that this is an easy task. Any metal shelving or van shelving system you use should be flexible and easy to operate. Removable shelf plates increase food safety and reduce cross-contamination, and shared post designs can offer big savings – if you can attach 2 metal units using a common post, and with no loss of weight bearing capacity, then you’ll instantly have improved space utilisation.

Ease of assembly and to clean

If you’re looking at choosing new metal shelving or van shelving units, think about how exactly these will be installed – are you getting a professional, or will it be yourself? If it’s a professional, it’s important that your shelving units are easy to install, as a long job means more money spent on wages. If it’s a job you’ll be doing yourself, ensure that your new metal shelving unit can be installed in your warehouse or van with minimal fuss. Make sure you know what instructions you’ll need and tools you’ll require to finish the job just right.


If your metal shelving or van shelving unit will be exposed to the elements, swings in temperature, exposure to chemicals, dust, waste materials or anything else that may have an effect on the longevity of your unit, then its important to know if your new unit is rated to withstand these things prior to installation. Does your unit have a lifetime warranty against corrosion and rust? Will it be just as durable in wet areas as dry ones, or hot areas as in refrigerated ones? Ensuring your metal shelving or van shelving units are perfectly suited to the requirements you have in mind for them will pay dividends later on, and give you peace of mind.

These are just a few considerations to be mindful of when selecting your new van shelving or metal shelving units. There are many options available, which is great, but it’s important to make sure you’ve selected the right option the first time around. For all your van shelving or metal shelving solutions, contact us at SkyTeck today, and we’ll be happy to run through your options.

metal shelving unit

Metal shelving units are a great option for many businesses when it comes to improving the efficiency and functionality of their business. Metal shelving has been used to great effect by many of our customers on a regular basis – but how do you know if metal shelving units are the right option for you?

No two businesses are exactly the same – and yet all businesses require reliable and secure shelving! Any business that has products for sale, materials that need to be safely stored or significant numbers of stock on hand will benefit from a reliable shelving configuration – but why is metal shelving better than all the rest? Great question!

Here are just some of the benefits your business will receive by utilising metal shelving in your warehouse, shed or shared workspace.

1) Metal shelving is customisable

More than any other shelving type, metal and MDF shelving units have a high level of customisation and can be adjusted to suit any size job. No matter if you need dividers or all-out drawer inserts, metal shelving can be secured in virtually any direction to best suit your needs.

2) Versatile item storage

Metal shelving units are your best option for safely and securely storing all manner of items. Due to their durability, you can trust your metal shelving to take care of your delicate items just as much as your heavy and bulky items. So think about your current product listing, and consider: do you need items stored in a manner that will best protect them? If so, consider metal shelving.

3) Metal shelving units create space

In a warehouse or shed, having available space is crucial. Using floor space will quickly result in cluttering, which in turns makes it difficult to locate the items you need, and results in loss of productivity and efficiency. Installing metal shelving will free up floor space, and give you ease in labelling and locating your required products far quicker than just stacking things up on your available floor space.

4) Metal shelving is cost effective

Due to their hard wearing and durable nature, metal shelving units are very cost effective – other shelving types may require more maintenance or more regular replacement compare to metal shelving, which is equally durable in varying temperatures and environments. You don’t want to have to waste time in replacing or fixing your shelving – metal shelving units can be installed once and relied on to last the test of time, and wont break the bank at the time of installation either.

So have a think – is your current shelving configuration ideal for the needs and specifics of your business? What materials and storage requirements does your business have? Do you have a warehouse or shed that could benefit from installing durable and reliable metal shelving units? If you’re considering looking at your options and you’re looking for the best and most durable options there are, contact us at SkyTeck for all your metal shelving needs.

Garage shelving

It is essential to keep your storeroom or warehouse organized and well supplied.  In fact, a huge part of ensuring your success has a well-planned storage system. For many people, wire shelving is the backbone of this system and it can serve as a highly functional and practical solution.

But if not used correctly wire shelving units can quickly become dangerous to humans and equipment as well. Given in the blog below are some of the tips your wire shelving stays in safe and sufficient conditions.

Follow the guidelines

While it may seem straightforward, you might be surprised to learn how many people don’t use wire shelving the way it is intended. Every shelving system comes with its own set of rules and guidelines that clearly layout how you should and shouldn’t use them. Always follow these, especially when it comes to installation and weight limits.

Keep it in level

Whether there is a loose tile, an issue with flooring, or a missing foot, keeping your shelving level is a critical step in safety and maintenance. If your flooring is uneven, ensure that you opt for a wire shelving unit with adjustable feet to create a safe system.

Distribute weight evenly

Every shelving system has its own set of weight limits. Knowing these and making them known can help avoid a wide variety of problems. Additionally, make sure that all shelving has weight distributed evenly from the bottom up to ensure that nothing is front or back-loaded.

Mount shelves securely

Proper mounting of the shelves is one of the most important steps you can take to the overall security and long term durability of your shelving.

Do you wish to invest in metal shelving for your home or warehouse? Don’t worry, as one of the popular retailer is here to help you with the shelving units. You can check out the website to find a collection of such premium, sturdy and customizable solutions for all your storage needs.


Material is one of the most important things to consider when buying a shelving unit. For the commercial projects, you need to consider the aspects like will you be using your shelves in a damp environment like a walk-in cooler or ware-washing area? Whatever environment you’re planning to place it in, given below are some of the metal shelving ideas that will help you to organize your restaurant.

Chrome Wire

The Chrome-plated wire shelving units are great for dry storage or heated environments, including stockrooms, warehouses, garages, and retail applications. However, these are prone to rust if used in a humid environment. Designed to increase visibility and ventilation, chrome wire shelves may or may not come with a clear epoxy coating, but many of these units are NSF Listed

Epoxy-Coated shelf

Epoxy-coated wire shelving units are much more resistant to humid environments such as ware- washing areas, walk-in coolers, or moist storage. Different manufacturers have different colors of epoxy-coated shelves available, but all colors of epoxy will give you the same great protection against rapid corrosion

Polypropylene / Polymer

Polypropylene or polymer shelving units are extremely corrosion-resistant and will not rust even in the presence of salt water or sea air. Generally constructed of metal with a thick outer coating of polypropylene or a polymer that makes them just as strong as regular metal shelving units. The components are dishwasher safe and can be easily wiped clean

Antimicrobial shelf

The antimicrobial shelves can be constructed of the any of the materials above, but they come with an extra layer of antimicrobial agent such as Microban built in. The added layer protects your shelving unit from bacteria, mold, mildew, and fungi that could potentially contaminate food or cause unpleasant odors.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel shelving is one of the most durable and versatile types of shelving available. From food storage in walk-in coolers to retail use to warehouse storage, stainless steel shelving is the high-quality option to suit any area, purpose, or industry.

Do you wish to invest in wire shelving units for commercial requirements? Checkout the online store of one of the popular retailers to find a unique collection available at cost-effective rates. Designed with high grade metals, these are extremely durable and affordable.

Storage Rack

Creating and maintaining an effective storage area in your business can be challenging, especially if you have limited space and lots to store, but purchasing a shelving unit can take your storage capacity to new heights. Unfortunately (and fortunately), there are all kinds of shelves, materials, components, and accessories to choose from when looking into buying a shelving unit. This guide will explain all things shelving-related and inform you on how to pick the perfect shelving unit for your commercial kitchen!

Solid shelves

Since solid shelves have no openings on their surface, any size or type of item can be stored on them without the risk of it slipping through the rails or spilling onto the items below it. These shelves are also easy to clean and maintain since dust and grime won’t get trapped in between the wires. The downside to solid shelves is that they don’t breathe as well as vented shelves, which makes them best for dry storage, garage storage, or retail applications.

Vented shelves

Vented shelves are a great option for any type of cold storage application because they promote air circulation through the unit for maximum product shelf life. They also offer greater visibility when trying to identify what items you have in inventory. The downside of vented shelves is that they are more difficult to clean and don’t prevent items on higher shelves from dripping or spilling onto items on lower shelves.

Triangle shelves

Triangle shelves are designed specifically to fit into tight corners so you don’t lose any valuable storage space. Generally, these shelves can be used with the same posts as regular rectangular shelves. These are mostly used for storage of files, papers or other official documents.

Check out one of the popular Melbourne based company to browse through the extensive range of products which includes, racking, metal shelving unit, aluminum ladders, metal toolboxes, etc. These are available in diverse sizes and variants and are priced in affordable rates for the customers!

Van Shelving

Van shelving in Australia can be tricky to locate and install. Utilise these handy tips to guide you how to do van shelving correctly and ensure you have the perfect combination of design, accessibility and convenience.

Types of van shelving available

When it comes to van shelving you can either go professional with your van racking or you can DIY and build it yourself which gives you more flexibility for design. Van shelving tends to be made from aluminium or wood.

Aluminium shelves are not only durable but tend to be light-weight, making it a popular choice for many people. However, it is important to keep in mind aluminium van shelving can be costly so may not be the best choice if you are looking for van shelving that does not burn your pockets.

Aluminium shelving can be adjustable and wielded into desired places. Adjustable systems are simple to install and arrange.

Steel van racking is more cost effective than aluminium, but it is important to keep in mind it is heavy. Typically, steel is 10-15% heavier than aluminium. On the plus side, steel van racking is more flexible than aluminium or wood which allows for a more personable design approach. If you are using your van shelving for heavy objects or tools, steel is an ideal choice for you.

Wood racking can be customised to whatever you desire which makes it an ideal option for van shelving. Keep in mind wood can be heavy.

Weight – for van shelving

Most vans can hold roughly 500-800kg. Something important to know is each kg adds to your fuel consumption – so if you want to keep your fuel price down, be mindful of this.

Van shelving and racking ideas that work well

1) Make a false bed with access at the back and side door

If you are a carpenter or electrician and need to transport large pieces of wood this solution is perfect for you. This false floor will add additional storage and mobility for your van.

2) Build a wooden cabinet in the side door for toolboxes and objects

A creative van shelving idea is to build an in-built cabinet in your van with easy accessibility. This will be a good place to store tools or objects. A good idea is to plan out the cabinet before building it so you can design it according to your needs.

3) Put your side door cabinet on a swivel foot

If you want to be able to access your van racking cabinet from inside, put the entire cabinet on a swivel plateau. This will give you greater accessibility and you can have access inside or outside the van.

4) Build a draw at the back of your van or side door

Draws can be ideal for storing small gadgets and helping keep your van shelving organised. Most people tend to put draws at the back of a van, but try and put them on the side door to create more space and easier accessibility.

5) Build a slide-out work bench

Have you ever not had enough space in your van for building? Why not build a simple slide-out work bench. The best material to use is plywood and this will generate more work space for you without needing to go back to the workshop or office.