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October 13, 2022

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4 Maintenance Tips for Outdoor Egg Chairs

The egg has a simple and clean shape. Egg chairs are chairs made in the shape of an egg. They are popular for their comfort and visual appeal.  Interestingly, they were first made for the Radisson SAS hotel in Copenhagen by Arne Jacobsen, an architect and designer. They fit the modern design space perfectly by blending their form and function, by creating a middle ground between comfort and style. Furthermore, outdoor egg chairs increase the liveliness of your outdoor. The shape of the egg chair is to improve the chair’s ergonomics and aesthetics.

Types of Egg Chairs

There are a variety of egg chairs available today in the market. The final decision on which type to purchase rests solely on you, depending on your taste, preferences and space. Here are some common types of egg chairs.

  • Hanging outdoor/indoor egg chairs
  • Egg stools
  • Office egg chairs
  • Outdoor egg chairs
  • Egg couch (The swan)
  • Ovalia egg chair

Why Get an Outdoor Egg Chair?

The following reasons will help you decide whether it’s time you got an outdoor egg chair:

  • Outdoor egg chairs are designed for comfort and could help you relax and unwind after a long day at work.
  • Outdoor egg chairs are built with an exotic design that brings the feeling of being in an exotic hotel
  • Outdoor egg chairs have a wide range of uses; sleeping, resting, meditating, or you could even have your midday snack in them.
  • Outdoor egg chairs aesthetics make a statement to your neighbours and visitors.
  • Outdoor egg chairs are cost-effective and match functionality with the price.
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Suitable for most people as both kids and adults love egg chairs.
  • They blend well with almost all garden or backyard designs. They also come in styles, sizes and designs, which you could select to match your preferences.
  • Even with furniture designs fleeting with the change of decades, egg chairs have remained in style over a long period and will remain so.
  • The shape provides a bit of privacy in a public space.

How to Care for Your Outdoor Furniture

Maintaining your egg chair will not only help you get your value for money but also in serving you better. Here are four hanging outdoor egg chair maintenance tips:

1. Regular Cleaning

Cleaning should be done once or twice every month, depending on the necessity. Avoid using harsh chemicals that may tarnish the colour of the egg chair or damage its parts. The chemicals include solvent and acids. Cleaning should be done using products that never foam. Every hanging outdoor egg chair comes with a manual listed with a guide on how to assemble the chair, maintain safety around the chair, and clean the chair. Also, take note of the materials used in the egg chair for reference while selecting which cleaning chemical to use.

So how do you keep your egg chairs clean?

Step 1: Remove the cushion and wipe the wicker with a damp cloth or sponge. Rinse thoroughly

Step 2: Wait for the chair to dry to avoid mould and mildew growth completely. If you see mildew, treat it aggressively.

Step 3: Place cushion back on the chair.

2. Store Well to Reduce Sun and Weather Damage

Observing storage instructions is one of the most important hanging outdoor egg chair maintenance tips. When not using your egg chair, ensure you store the chair in the shade or in a protected environment to reduce the effects that may be caused by exposure to harsh weather conditions, especially the damage to the cushion. During harsh conditions of weather such as storms, cover the chair with protective nylon or polythene paper. This will increase the life of the egg chair.

3. Observe Safety Guidelines and Consult the User Manual Before Using the Egg Chair

Before assembling and using your egg chair, ensure you go through the user manual to know what not to do with the chair, avoid hazards, and avoid destroying your egg chair. Reading your user manual is one of the most recommendable hanging outdoor egg chair maintenance tips.

4. Avoid Breakage by Lifting (Rather Than Dragging) Furniture

In case you need to switch the position of the egg chair. Lift it and do not drag it to avoid splitting the legs and feet of the outdoor furniture. Some egg chairs are made of brittle material and it’s best to handle them with care especially when moving them.

Egg Chairs for Sale in Sydney

At skyteckonline, we sell a wide range of hanging egg chairs that come in various shapes, sizes, and textures, so you can select one that suits your backyard and your style best.

Visit us at one of our outlets in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth, or call us on 1300 822 828 to get your egg chair today.