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October 13, 2022

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industrial storage racks

Are you investing in industrial shelving units for your warehouse? If you are, its essential to make sure they have everything you need, right from the beginning.

At SkyTeck, we pride ourselves in providing the best industrial shelving in Brisbane, and so in this article you’ll be able to see 4 of the most important considerations you’ll need to keep in mind, as you weight up which industrial shelving option is right for you.

Should Pallet Racks Be Bolted To The Floor?

  • Absolutely they should! When talking about standards of industrial shelving Australia -wide, it is essential for all pallet rack columns to be firmly and securely anchored with bolts. This does not mean you can just bolt down the aisle columns, but also that the interior and/or rear columns on all frames in use must be bolted down as well.
  • To fit the requirements, all columns must end in a base plate, and contain anchor bolts that meet current design standards for durability and quality.
  • These components required so as to ensure that your racks are kept upright and in place. Cyclones and freak weather events have been known to play havoc with industrial shelving Brisbane -wide, so give your industrial shelving units every possible chance!
  • This base plate and the associated anchor bolts work together to protect your racks against any unusual force that may occur near the base of any of the columns. This could range from things falling against the racks through to forklift collisions, and you never know when an unexpected impact could affect your set-up. These vital components are essential for keeping your industrial shelving racks intact, and to ensure that everyone in the vicinity is kept safe. At SkyTeck we provide some of the best industrial shelving in Brisbane – have a look through our options to see what will best suit your facility.

Floor Type

  • When it comes to installing the best industrial shelving in Brisbane, it’s essential to consider the floor type of your space. Certain floor types are easier to secure racks onto than others – for example, industrial warehouse floors are commonly made of many different materials, which could include:

1. Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT)

2. Concrete o Epoxy o Linoleum

  • Most of the time, pallet racks and industrial shelving units are anchored to basic concrete. However, there do exist certain tools that you can use to make your industrial shelving installation easier, including:

1. Concrete wedge anchors, and

2. Concrete strike anchors

  • Before you anchor your industrial shelving units to the floor, it’s essential to ensure it can withstand the weight and pressure that will be placed upon it. The considerations to keep in mind when working with industrial shelving Australia -wide include:

1. The size of the hole in the base plate

2. Any seismic activity in the area where the anchor will be used

3. The thickness of the flooring material

4. The levelness of the floor

5. The mechanical features of the flooring material

  • In some cases, lightweight storage racks can be installed on surfaces other than concrete (e.g. wood decking, bar grating). However, a qualified engineer must be present to review and recommend the most appropriate means for anchoring or attaching the racks.

The Floor Slab / Soil Subgrade

  • Before installing and anchoring any industrial shelving to the floor of your warehouse, you absolutely need to ensure that the new/existing floor slab on the site is completely capable of easily supporting the weights and loads you shall be putting onto it.
  • In addition to industrial shelving units and storage racks, also keep in mind that the forklifts and other heavy machinery and equipment will be frequently traveling across this floor too. Even the best industrial shelving in Brisbane won’t be up to scratch if the floor supporting it is no good!
  • Things to consider when laying your slab include: o The yield strength of the concrete floor (if made from concrete) o Slab thickness – bolts from industrial shelving units need to sit tight o Joint locations o The spacing and strength of the rebar / steel reinforcements o How level and flat the surface is o Any hidden or hard to see irregularities in the slab
  • As well as analyzing your slab, it’s also important to consider the soil sub-grade of your warehouse or facility. All good industrial shelving Australia -wide requires a solid foundation, and a solid foundation is dependent on the sub-grade. Engineers and builders can measure the sub-grade and detail its’ thickness, its’ bearing capacity and soil quantity. Excess moisture can be a particular issue faced by industrial shelving Brisbane -wide, and the last thing you want is the soil to shift or settle over time which can lead to weaknesses in your foundation – and also in your industrial shelving.

Anchoring Near Slab Expansion Joints

  • If you intend to anchor your industrial shelving units near the joints of your slab, it is vital that you take extra precautions.
  • Building supervisors and engineers should be present during the installation of all industrial units Australia -wide to make sure that the placement and design of your shelving units conforms to the required specifications. The requirements for installing industrial shelving Brisbane builders are used to may be different to other places in Australia, so it is important to ensure that everything is within acceptable parameters. This also applies if you’ intend to replace damaged unit anchors.
Garage shelving

In light of the COVID situation, it’s important for individuals and businesses who have garage shelving or industrial shelving configurations to take steps to minimise the spread and ensure their own personal safety. ‘How much of a link can there really be here’ you ask – but good on you for asking!

No matter what industry you’re in, COVID has changed the way we interact with people. It’s important to be aware of our surroundings and the people we come into contact with, as this is the key to working successfully in a COVID-compromised work environment.

Fortunately, there are easy steps you can take to ensure that your garage shelving or industrial shelving units are kept safe and secure, which will also mean that your personal health and that of your coworkers is taken care of too.

Re-organise and relabel your industrial shelving

Do you work in an environment with other people? Are other people aside form yourself accessing your business’industrial shelving units and the materials stored in/on them on a regular basis? If so, then you have just identified an easy way for bacteria and viruses to spread. Any communal or commonly used items and materials should be correctly labelled and located separately from more specialised items that fewer people might need. Further, if your industrial shelving has a clearly marked location for storing PPE and sanitation equipment, then this will make it easy for you and your coworkers to locate the materials you need to protect yourselves at work – so look at your labelling situation!

Record and re-arrange your garage shelving

For those with smaller units such as garage shelving, it is easier to keep a track of who is using what and who is coming into contact with your storage space. If you or your coworkers have more contact with other people, including customers, than yourself, then start identifying the materials and items they regularly use or need that are located in your garage shelving or industrial shelving units. Re-arranging your shelving units to make it easy for those people who have more regular contact with others will go a long way towards minimising any bacteria or viruses that may have sneakily been transferred into your workspace on an unprotected surface –and it’s far easier to clean and deal with one portion of a compromised workspace than the whole workspace itself!

Re-order your industrial shelving

Bacteria and viruses such as COVID can survive for long periods of time on different surfaces – but this time varies depending on the surface. So, one way to minimise the exposure your garage shelving or industrial shelving units might have to any unwanted microbial passengers is to look at re-ordering your stored materials in order of what they’re made of – can you separate the wooden items from those made from metal? Do you have large amounts of fabrics stored than can be grouped together and shifted away from other materials? Consider that sensationalising and re-ordering your industrial shelving units will go a long way towards protecting your workspace and coworkers, but might also have the additional effect of making it easier to find the things you’re looking for, when you need them.

These are just a few ideas that you might be able to implement as the owner or user of garage shelving or industrial shelving units! Being careful and aware of the situation will make a massive difference – and for all your industrial shelving and garage shelving needs, contact us at SkyTeck!

We’d be happy to talk you through your options and show you how we can help safeguard your workspace.

Storage Rack

There are so many variants of storage racks available in the market. Finding the ideal one can actually require a little effort on your part. People who are looking industrial racks for storage, especially for warehouse purposes can read on the blog below. We have curated a list of storage racks that will help you for your brand’s needs.

Normal storage rack with bolt

Normal storage racks with nuts & bolts are generally assembled with them and therefore are treated as accessories. These racks are used at libraries or shops with limited items to store. They have limited capacity to hold the load and generally can hold uniformly distributed load of up-to 90 KGs. at each shelve.

Heavy duty storage rack

Heavy duty storage racks with nuts & bolts are also assembled with them and therefore are treated as accessories. These racks are used at warehouses, factory set-ups, bulk & heavy inventory storage set-ups. They too have limited capacity to hold the load and generally can hold distributed load of 150-200 KGs. at each shelve.

Boltless storage rack

Normal boltless storage racks generally have riveting system where we just need to assemble the parts by push techniques. They can be used in big shopping malls & retail outlets. They can be further classified as powder coated & painted. Racks with powder coating have smooth and quality finish.

Designed boltless storage rack

Designed boltless storage racks are mostly used for storing light weight items. These are generally used in residences and stores where gift items or light weight items are sold. They also do have limited capacity to hold the load and generally can hold uniformly distributed load of 50 KGs – 70 KGs. at each shelve. They can be further classified as polished raw material, powder coated & painted.

So, next time when you are looking to buy a storage rack or wire shelving rack for your home or the office, make sure you keep the aforementioned points in mind. You can reach out to the experts and communicate your purchase needs and they will guide you regarding the set-up process as well.

Storage Rack

A tidy garage can become super spacious and functional if the space is used effectively. While many convert their garages into extra living space, there are others who prefer to retain them for their intended purpose. Nonetheless, being organized is essential. So, here are our top garage shelving solutions, to help you take your garage from a cluttered mess to a tidy haven.

  1. Don’t keep your belongings on the floor as it can get messy and even dirtier. Get everything up off the floor with floor-to-ceiling shelving. Open garage storage systems can help you store everything you need, and maximize every inch of space in the garage.
  2. Garage storage on a ceiling can come in many forms, but all of the options save valuable floor space, leaving room for a car and garage storage cabinets. A hoist is a great way to create garage storage overhead or for garage bike storage.
  3. Even if you use your garage as a dusty workshop, there is no reason why it can’t look great with the addition of some simple garage storage systems to help you get organized. People who spend a lot of time in there making furniture, or restoring a beloved sports car, then you should make the space as appealing and welcoming as possible.
  4. A handy pegboard is one of the most versatile garage storage solutions you can ever come across, and perfectly suited to the wide range of things we need to store in our garages. Use them for hooks to hang paintbrushes, rollers and cleaning paraphernalia, or add pegs to suspend garden tools or brooms. You can also easily add small shelves to them.
  5. While finding a spot for all the large, bulky tools and sports gear, don’t overlook all the little bits and bobs that need somewhere to live. Never be scrabbling around for a bolt, screw or nail again, with this clever garage storage idea, keep them in a multi drawer.

Whether you want to revamp your residential garage or looking for shelving options for your office, get the best assortment of industrial storage racks at the online store of a popular retailer based in Sydney. These are cost-effective and boasts of premium features.

Storage Rack

Creating and maintaining an effective storage area in your business can be challenging, especially if you have limited space and lots to store, but purchasing a shelving unit can take your storage capacity to new heights. Unfortunately (and fortunately), there are all kinds of shelves, materials, components, and accessories to choose from when looking into buying a shelving unit. This guide will explain all things shelving-related and inform you on how to pick the perfect shelving unit for your commercial kitchen!

Solid shelves

Since solid shelves have no openings on their surface, any size or type of item can be stored on them without the risk of it slipping through the rails or spilling onto the items below it. These shelves are also easy to clean and maintain since dust and grime won’t get trapped in between the wires. The downside to solid shelves is that they don’t breathe as well as vented shelves, which makes them best for dry storage, garage storage, or retail applications.

Vented shelves

Vented shelves are a great option for any type of cold storage application because they promote air circulation through the unit for maximum product shelf life. They also offer greater visibility when trying to identify what items you have in inventory. The downside of vented shelves is that they are more difficult to clean and don’t prevent items on higher shelves from dripping or spilling onto items on lower shelves.

Triangle shelves

Triangle shelves are designed specifically to fit into tight corners so you don’t lose any valuable storage space. Generally, these shelves can be used with the same posts as regular rectangular shelves. These are mostly used for storage of files, papers or other official documents.

Check out one of the popular Melbourne based company to browse through the extensive range of products which includes, racking, metal shelving unit, aluminum ladders, metal toolboxes, etc. These are available in diverse sizes and variants and are priced in affordable rates for the customers!