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October 13, 2022

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Choosing the best rack shelving for your home, office, or warehouse is no easy task. There are certain areas that you need to observe. For instance, the layout of your place, the items you want to store, and the shelving system’s material. In this blog post, we touch on some of them.

But before we dive in, let’s get this question out of the way:

Why does rack shelving matter?

Rack shelving is one of the best storage systems. There are several styles of racks that you can use in just about every storage scenario. From sheds to van shelving and even heavy-duty shelving. Because they all vary in price and quality, it’s always advisable to choose the right rack.

Before deciding which style of rack shelving you need, you need to consider this:

  • It is essential to consider safety issues and how they can affect you and your company.
  • The second thing you need to consider is your budget. Ask yourself how much you are willing to spend on a shelving system.

Once you have decided on those two, continue to choose the best racking or shelving.

Use the below tips to choose the best racking system:

  1. Assess your space

Ensure that you assess the available space accurately. Find out if you want to use the entire floor or wall. Whip out your measuring tape, and get the depth, width, and length of your space. Those measurements will come in handy when you place your order.

2. Establish the material of your shelving

Next up, ask yourself what kind of material your shelving would be. Will it be strong enough to carry all the things you intend to the shelf? Materials that you can consider include wood, metal, glass, and so on.

3. Your requirements

Then ask yourself, what am I going to put on the shelves? Am I going to use shelves for files, books, spanners? Remember, the shelving for large and small items would slightly vary. So if you need shelving for more than one requirement, you may need different kinds of shelving systems. Furthermore, the space that you will need for each item may not be the same. Once you have identified a need for shelving, the next step is:

4. Planning your shelving system

Everything needs a plan, and the best rack shelving system is no exception. Where do you begin planning? From planning the whole process, from the start to the last detail. Are you going to assemble your shelves yourself, or will you hire someone to do that for you? Make note of all those details before placing an order for your best rack shelving system.

5. Are your shelves accessible?

Finally, ask yourself if your shelves would be accessible. If it’s a warehouse, it should allow your pickers and packers to ship your goods faster. If you have a workshop, easy accessibility to tools will let you service cars more quickly.

There are many ways that companies specializing in rack shelving use to create space. One is by reducing aisle width to allow forklifts to move around quickly.

Here are types of shelving systems you should consider:

  • Selective Racking

It is the best racking system suitable for pallet loads. It makes all your pallets accessible from the aisle. It can accommodate up to two pallet loads.  

  • Drive-in Rack

You can use this kind of rack to store fast-moving products. These shelving systems also make it easy for you to pick or stack up pallets with your forklift.

  • Carton flow rack

This one is suitable for small items that you usually pick by hand. To make it accessible, install this kind of shelving right in front of your aisle.

  • Garage shelving.

These units are perfect for storing nuts, bolts, screws and washers, tools, and so on. You can keep electrical hardware and power tools, wood, metal, and plastic.

Garage shelving for your home shed or garage is a must-have for anyone who wants to eliminate clutter.

Where to find the best rack shelving system?

While many service providers sell racking systems, only a few have the best rack shelving system. One of those is Skytech Online, a Melbourne-based company that offers a myriad of products, including the best racking. Skytech has partnered with shelving manufacturers, and they use first-class technology. It is the only place to get heavy-duty shelving racks, office furniture, and garage shelving in one place. You can also get an aluminum toolbox for your tools or wall-mounted shelves.

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