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October 13, 2022

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Garage shelving

Organising a garage can be tricky and there is not a one-size fits all model. Here are eight effective and efficient tips that will help you organise your garage better.

1) Use wire shelving in your garage

Do you want to maximise your storage space? Utilising wire garage shelving can be an efficient and effective method. In the form of baskets, shelves and hooks you will be able to arrange your garage in a cost-effective and organised manner. You can purchase these from Bunnings!

2). Purchase a car care products cabinet

Have you ever been looking for car wash and find yourself scrambling through your garage? Organise your auto fluids and other items in a shelf cabinet. This will ensure you are making best use of your garage shelving.

3). Store more on your walls

Not everything has to be stored on the floor, you can invest in garage shelving that can be easily attached to your walls. In order to do this effectively, the best method is to add a layer of plywood over the wall or bare studs. This will give you a better surface so you can attach the garage shelving units easily.

4). Invest in garage storage cabinets

Garage storage cabinets will enable you to store your tools, out-door gear and other possessions in a neat and organised way. You can purchase 6-8ft garage shelving units for about $25. In order to check this garage storage cabinets are best for your home, plan out your configuration with masking tape on the wall and floors to confirm that they will fit appropriately.

5). Overhead Storage in the Garage

Do you often find that you do not have space for bulky items? Are you kayaks lying on the ground in a mess? Invest in overhead storage garage shelving or make your own by cementing together a rack from PVC pipes and fittings. Hint: the PVC’s smooth surface makes it easy for loading and unloading things.

6). Garage Storage Tubes

Cardboard concrete-forming tubes cost as little as $8 at Bunnings or you can even find them online at Amazon. They are handy for storing tennis rackets, brooms or rakes. To maximise your garage shelving method store them on 2×4 to keep them off the ground and dry. Secure each tube to a garage stud.

7). Invest in a Heavy-Duty Rack

Garage shelving in Australia can be tricky to find. Are you sick of flimsy garage racks breaking?

A gladiator heavy-duty rack may be right for your garage. It is made of welded steel and is able to hold up to 2000 Lbs per shelf. They are also available in different widths from 48-77inch to best suit your garage.

8). Get your hands on throw and go garage shelving

Garage racks and garage shelving units can be useful but do you ever find the kids tend to chuck their shoes or baseball gloves on. Invest in some throw and go garage cabinets that are easy to build and great for you and the kids to chuck stuff in and go.

Use these eight tips as a guide to help you maximise the space in your garage and achieve effective organisation. There is no more need to have a messy, clutter-filled garage. Instead, invest in these garage shelving simple tips and you will make your life easier.