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October 13, 2022

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Make-up dresser tables used to be luxurious and expensive items used only by wealthy individuals, and they tended to be bulky and ornate and placed in large bedroom suites. Today, a make-up dresser table for a small bedroom is more preferred. Individuals still want an attractive corner to beautify and store personal items but have varying budgets, tastes, and functional preferences.

In addition, homes are smaller these days, so space for a make-up dresser table in a smaller room is a primary concern. A bedroom is the most preferred location for a dresser table because people usually keep their personal care items there. However, this can be a challenge with how to choose the best make-up dresser table that will fit and conform to the needs of the current consumer population.

Four factors to consider will guide you in shopping for the ideal make-up dresser table for a small bedroom:  size, material, style, and functionality.

Size: The dimensions of the dresser should be in proportion to the room. It should be small enough to avoid restricting movement yet large enough to enhance the décor and provide for the use you have intended it to serve.

Material: Ask yourself what you want your table to be made of. The level of durability is also a consideration as per your needs and use. You may choose wood, glass, metal, or a mirrored surface. Always buy from a trusted and authorized dealer or site to assure long-lasting quality. You may also choose to consult an interior designer or have your table custom-made, although that could incur additional costs.

Style: This is entirely up to you, but it should suit your personal preference. If you tend to favor contemporary décor, you may want to choose a modern design. If you prefer a country-like motif, you could opt for a rustic look. If you are not sure, shop around for different options. Make certain that the style is compatible with other furniture in the room before making your choice.

Functionality: When you think about how to choose the best make-up dresser table for a small bedroom, consider its intended purpose and use. Will you use it only to store beauty items, or will you utilize it to apply make-up, groom, or perform other daily activities? When accommodating a smaller space, it’s most practical to find a multi-functional dresser to help you achieve additional tasks without the added furniture. An example is a dresser table that also serves as a wall desk or has a wardrobe component to store clothing and other apparel.

Space-friendly Features

With limited space in your bedroom, consider versatile options. You have your pick amongst those that can help de-clutter, are legless, or portable. Choose ones with shelving components for vertical storage, float from the wall, or roll out from a closet. Foldable selections are also available.


If your main concern is lighting, a mirror, in addition to being a practical installment, is a luxurious addition to enhance the room’s elegance and visibility. A mirror can do more than help you apply make-up; it can add ambiance and make the room appear bigger. Place the mirror in proximity to natural light or near indoor lighting, such as with a table lamp, or placed directly below ceiling lights for the best lighting results. If you don’t have room for a large mirror, look for a model that contains a built-in or flip flop option. If you have lengthwise space, a head-to-toe mirror may be the most practical if you like to look at your entire image while dressing.

For comfort, look for a dresser table at a sitting level that offers a cushiony-backed seat or bench. If not in a hurry, you can relax and groom at your leisure.

Although deemed a luxury enjoyed by the wealthy few of the past, a make-up dresser table for a small bedroom has become essential to present-day consumers who desire elegance yet need a practical solution for home organization and personal care.

Now that you know how to choose the best make-up dresser table for a small bedroom that fits your needs, you can eliminate guesswork. Your ideal make-up dresser table is out there waiting for you!