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October 13, 2022

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Selecting a metal shelving unit, and metal shelving for storage in particular provide some of the most popular options when it comes to your available options best suited for warehouses today.

There is a great variety of styles and sizes in metal storage shelves in Australia, meaning that those who have a warehouse or large storage space can apply each metal shelving unit to a great number of uses. No matter what kind of warehouse, distribution/packing centre, or retail outlet you maybe working in, metal shelving presents the most versatile options for these spaces, often going above and beyond other available types of industrial shelving often seen in bigger facilities. When it comes to metal shelving for storage, its important to be able to safely and securely store a wide variety of items and goods on a tough and sturdy metal shelving unit, instead of just storing bulky, high-priced items you often see being kept on heavy pallet racks.

But why metal shelving? What benefits and advantages does metal shelving for storage have over other options?

If you’re thinking about relying on a metal shelving unit to hold and protect your valuable goods and materials,here are four big benefits you should know about.

1: Product Visibility:

  • Unlike other storage solutions that may be taller, narrower or suffering from clutter, metal shelving allows you to store your business’ goods in a manner that assists your workers and pickers to find what they need far quicker, while minimising mistakes. Fortunately there are many metal storage shelves in Australia for businesses to select – picking the right one is essential.
  • Use a metal shelving unit to arrange your goods in an order that works best for the needs of your warehouse (by item size, material, type, etc)which will help your workers and pickers to find precisely what goods they need even faster than before.

2: Safely Store Your Delicate Items:

  • Our custom metal shelving makes for some of the most durable metal storage shelves in Australia you’re likely to find. This is due to each metal shelving unit providing significant resistance to corrosion and rust, and in turn minimising the damage to the metal shelving unit as well as any valuable goods that need to be stored upon them.
  • A common usage for our metal shelving is to store the more fragile goods (such as electronics, smaller parts, or those more-expensive consumer goods) that wouldn’t be suited to being stored in the usual storage bins or by just simply sitting on the warehouse floor.

3: Durability:

  • Warehouses are often very active areas, and it is not uncommon for businesses to suffer a level of breakage in-house. Most warehouse shelves will be subject to a lot of wear and tear that arises from issues such as fork lift collisions, mis-handling from staff, or accidental damage suffered during transport. Relying on metal shelving for storage will give you more peace of mind, as they are designed to withstand this sort of abuse.
  • More durability = less cost! Without always being required to repair or replace your metal shelving unit (which can be more of an issue with other shelving types), your business will save money in the long run.
  • As is necessary for living in a hot country, metal storage shelves in Australia require significant resistance to high (or low) temperatures.Metal shelving can withstand far greater swings and variations in temperature,which means they are ideal when it comes to storing goods in less-than-ideal storage conditions. If your business also manufactures goods (an activity that will result in greater fluctuation in temperature), a metal shelving unit will generally be able to with stand higher temperatures than other shelving options.
  • Metal shelving for storage also makes for an excellent option in any areas that are often exposed to the elements, such as close to loading docks or refrigeration units.

4: Customization:

  • One of the biggest and most important advantages of using metal shelving is how easily customisable each metal shelving unit is when it comes to your needs and requirements. Most metal storage shelves in Australia will of ten allow for expansion to suit your needs – this might mean extra shelves,or bolting to additional units to assist with increasing your available storage capacity, or even resulting in you freeing up additional space on your ware house floor.
  • Versatility is essential – having several options available for you to choose from when selecting a metal and MDF shelving unit will help your business to adjust to demands and requirements as they change over time.

If you think metal shelving can benefit you in your warehouse, get in touch with us today and we can help you to find ways to maximise your storage potential and minimise your costs. We pride ourselves on offering some of the best metal storage shelves in Australia – right here at SkyTeck.