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October 13, 2022

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It is so vitally important to have your van shelving set out in just the right way. Good van shelving (including van racking drawers) really does make a difference when it comes to ensuring the safety of you, your drivers and any other staff present in your workplace. Properly laid out can shelving and van racking drawers also make a world of difference for tradespeople to locate their equipment quickly and easily, as well as protecting said equipment during travel to and from the job.

Why should you organise your van storage systems? What benefits can van shelving, van racking drawers and a good quality custom work van shelving system give you? Well…

  • They greatly improve the safety of your staff and those working around them.
  • They help you to recognise issues with tools and materials, such as when they need replacing, refilling or repairing.
  • They help with keeping your inventory up to date.
  • They make it easy and efficient to find what you need, when you need it.

But how can you achieve this? Good question! These three ideas that are listed below will be a big help to you in achieving a well organised van shelving or van racking drawers setup, which will help your business a whole.

1. Clear Out And Separate

  • Go through everything in your current van shelving setup, and make notes on what materials you currently have. From here, you can identify what you need to keep, and discard any old or outdated tools/supplies.
  • From the remaining materials, sort everything you wish to keep into separate piles. These will be what you work from when restocking your van!

2. Re-arrange Your Van Storage Areas

  • Are all of your tools properly categorised? Put related tools and materials into specific van racking drawers where you can easily find one tool, if you are already using another.
  • Re-organise your tools and spare parts into storage that best suit your needs, such as putting tools on a custom work van shelving system, nuts and bolts in different tubs, etc.
  • Properly label your storage containers, making it simple to find and put away your items.
  • Keep your van shelving area clutter free by designating areas for specific items. You can make this easy for yourself by coding these areas with different coloured storage bins, that correspond to each particular need.

3. Clean Up And Coordinate

  • Go through your current van shelving system and examine your existing and new items, to make sure that they are still high quality. This also goes for the van shelving, van racking drawers and custom work van shelving system itself!
  • By making sure that the condition of your van shelving and van racking drawers are top quality from the start, you will be able to keep track of any possible signs of early damage.
  • Organise your van shelving units into an order that you can easily keep a track of. This might be alphabetical, or in size order, or most/least used – whatever helps you to keep a track of where everything is!